Please stop breaking my github profile


Thanks to coverband and David Coallier for promptly addressing this.

tl;dr - If you’re going to scrape my data, make sure your error messages don’t blame me when something goes wrong.

Right now the top story on hackernews is a link to a clever project that uses the github api to build a resume from your profile.

It’s actually a nice way to view a github profile, here’s a glimpse of what my link looks like in Firefox:

The problem arises when I load the same page up in Chrome (running latest version on Ubuntu)

This error message blames me.

Let’s imagine for a moment that a friend of mine recommends me for a position that pays 7 figures. The hiring manager happens to prefer the presentation of a github resume, and also happens to be really busy. She points her browser to and sees

“We couldn’t find enough to build a resume from.”

What does a busy hiring manager think when looking at this message? This guy has nothing to show. Moving on…

There goes my 7 figure salary, thanks alot.

I never asked to have a github resume, and I can’t opt out, so at least if you encounter an error, take responsibility for it. Here’s a less offensive option:

Even better would be to redirect straight to my github profile.

If your app is going to represent people (especially without their consent,) please be responsible and take ownership of problems that occur in your code.

Published: September 02 2012

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